Touching the Soul.


Transforming the Heart.

Touching the Soul, Transforming the Heart

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Bozeman, Montana



Sandy Harrick is an ordained minister of metapysics. Her work has taken her all over the world. She is an incredibly energetic, intelligent, passionate and compelling person. One senses a constant motion, a "pull to change" in her presence that is palpable and yet difficult to capture in words.

On the day of our interview, the winding road through Bridger Canyon was free of snow. I had the luxury of enjoying the drive to Sandy's home through what is arguably some of the most beautiful land in the Bozeman area.

As I turned down the drive, I was greeted by Sandy's regal white horses, Silver and Razzle. Trotting side by side, they accompanied me as close to the house as the pasture fence would allow.

Sandy welcomed me at the door with a smile warm, wide and authentic. She then immediately went about preparing hot drinks for us. I made myself at home near the woodstove in one of the most enchanting rooms I've ever had the privilege of experiencing. Everything in the candelit room, from furniture to letter-opener, spoke of her wide travels and rich history. Many of the beautiful objects, I was told, were gifts from friends and clients.

The more time I spent in Sandy's home, the clearer it became how well-loved she is. And as our interview progressed more deeply and intimately, the clearer it became how well she loves.

JEANNE: Please describe for us the work you do and why a person or couple might come to you.

SANDY: People who come to me thirst for meaning and a deeper experience of being alive. I give these people the opportunity to experience who they really are. I unveil for them the tremendous influence of spirit and soul in their daily lives in relation to their more obvious ego and desire.

They encounter not only their own pathology, but also the multi-dimensional opportunity to address past conflicts, past lives, current challenges and unfulfilled dreams that are becoming nightmares.

What I have the ability to see is the essence of who a person is versus who he thinks he is. My clients get a clearer picture of who they are very quickly. They also get a clearer picture of who they are not. My gift is to help them clear and release what keeps them from manifesting strength, beauty, vitality and fulfillment.

JEANNE: Are you a psychic?

SANDY: Yes, I have psychic abilities and I am not satisfied in the typical world of psychics. I don't use a crystal ball and I am not the psychic hotline. "Will I win the lottery?" and "Should I date so-and-so?" are legitimate questions, but those are questions for someone else.

I am much more involved with supporting the soul. It is a profound honor to hold a sacred space where an individual or couple may safely do the work of stepping into themselves from the deepest source of identity.

Often, people must be taken back into the places of the heart where healing needs to take place. Promises may have been made or broken. Forgiveness may need to be received or offered. And certainly, we need to breathe life back into the places that have suffered so long with numbness or pain. Psychic talent is an excellent tool that I use to aid in this work.

JEANNE: Are there any services you perform aside from counseling?

SANDY: In addition to sessions for individuals and couples, I conduct women's groups, men's groups, healing classes, and I perform weddings. I also work with horses.

In the women's groups, a number of women with incredibly diverse histories come together to explore the experience of being women. We uncover not only who they are, but also what they are as women, as human beings, and as profound and gentle individuals. In telling and being shaped by each other's stories, we discover the wisdom of our motherhood, our sisterhood, our lives as individuals, and the many relationships we engage in. Also, we explore what the gift of aging has for us at any age.

In the men's groups, men of all ages experience being witnessed by me as a woman, not being taught how to be men. The big difference is that, as a witness, I acknowledge what is already there wiating under the surface. The men discover that they are respected primal beings and much greater than the perceived limits of "the provider." In fact, they are magnificent.

All groups and classes are confidential, life-changing, deeply moving and great fun. Anyone who sits before me is treated with dignity and offered compassion, comprehension and patience. Most importantly, they are given tenderness or a gentle confrontation so that a necessary change can take place. This allows for a much broader understanding of their lives and a much softer place to know love.

JEANNE: You mentioned that you work with horses?

SANDY: Oh yes, one of my greatest joys is the privilege of working with horses. I have two Arabians. Because of them, I have had the incredible opportunity to experience their partnership. Anyone who owns a horse, whether it is young or old, lame or in prime condition, also has the chance to know this gift in their own lives.

When I work with horses, I work on the level of who they are to each other, not who I am to them as a person. We, as humans, need to understand that horses are devoted to us, but confused by us. They are willing and capable of being so much more than our limited visions of what we want to see them do. Working with them and healing them has made me aware of the degree of respect that is demanded from these powerful and gentle entities. It is our responsibility to learn how to communicate with them the way that they already communicate with us. This is also what I teach.

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Sandra Harrick


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