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Touching the Soul through Awakenings

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The feeling of comfort and safety seemed to envelope me as I sat face to face with a person I would describe as "true blue." Sandra Harrick of Awakenings!, a service that provides healing of the mind and body, is that person.

"I work more with our spirit and our soul than our humaness," says Harrick. "I deal with the very essence of a human being. I am an incredible investigator. We are all on a spiritual journey - a soul journey. We need the curiosity to explore, experience, and to embrace and risk change."

Harrick's ability to heal others is something she was born with. In her youth, Harrick didn't realize that she was different from others; she thought that all people felt as she did and sensed what she sensed. People enjoyed being around her becasue of her positive outlook and ability to sense and examine peoples' spirits. When Harrick realized that she had a psychic gift that could help others, she became one among the many pioneers of the new age in the 70s.

"I deal wth grief on a real human level," says Harrick. "with things that don't even seem to be logical, yet they are legitimate."

She sees life as a journey, with each stage - whether good or bad - needing to be experienced in order for both growth and a continuation down the spiritual path. She helps people through the pockets of their lives, and, as she puts it, "to go on and be mighty and hopeful."

"My own life has had tragedy and chaos," says Harrick. "My education is life. I walked it and recovered from it."

Harrick has 30 years of spiritual and healing experience, and is also an ordained minister of metaphysics. She has lectured around the world and has been a facilitator for women's and men's groups. She counsels individuals, couples and families.

Harrick's innate ability not only includes seeing the human spirit, but also reading the unspoken pain of animals. She had recently worked with a horse in Peterborough that had an extremely large hematobin. Within a short amount of time, Harrick's healing abilities dramatically reduced the hardened blood clot in size.


Harrick's Arabian horses, Silver and Razzle, have also been a part of her work. Along with her two Arabians, Harrick helps people communicate to their horses. She also teaches riding.

Harrick gives her clients the tools to deal with the issues that are clouding up their lives and preventing growth of the spirit. She helps them to unravel the layers of life so they can live authentically again.

"Whatever has been hardened into you will melt away," says Harrick.

Awakenings can help you to meet the challenges face to face, to help your life's journey along.

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