Touching the Soul.


Transforming the Heart.


It is time to take a personal voyage and awaken to who we truly are in this gift called life.


Personal work
is a way to
return to this
Voice, this
knowing of self.


The Voice

What am I needing to feel?

What am I needing to do?

How do I return to feeling alive, and to feeling that there is importance in my life?

What do I need to hear so I can respond, interact with someone, and be involved in a relationship?

How do I find my calling?

What is in my heart so that the love I have can open its doors and come to me in return, allowing me to feel it?

These are questions that we will ask at some point and, at times, we are haunted by them. Asking these questions means we feel disconnected from ourselves and our life as we know it—or how we know it can be.

The Voice is something that lives inside of us. How we need to hear it, when we need to hear it, or if we can hear it are the big questions of many who come to healers and practitioners of energy. We all have our inner voice, we all have a way to hear it, and we all have the ability to engage in a reasonable conversation with it. Sometimes it is a one-sided conversation and discussion is out of the question! We get to hear The Voice in many ways, and therefore, it is our responsibility to learn how it works for us, how we can call on it, and most importantly, how we can develop a relationship with it.

How does The Voice get us to listen and why do we listen? It's simple. The Voice is real and has proven itself. We all hear it and when we don't, we search for it. We crave to comprehend it and may ask others to seek it out, speak to it and deliver its message to us. We are looking for answers and need to feel connected to ourselves and our lives. All this is the purpose of personal work.

Personal work is a way to return to this Voice, this knowing of self. The understanding of who we were before life, and all of its influences, separated us from our inner voice. This separation causes us to question where we belong, how we find or feel love within ourselves and for others. Not to forget, the biggest question of all—how can we receive love and feel worthy of it?

Other voices have pulled us away. The voice of reason or the voice of doubt. These voices may come from our parents, our education, our peers or our religion. They come from actions taken, by decisions we have made or that have been made for us. Life's journey and its impact tears at our very essence, destroying our self-confidence and the trust of this Voice. However, the Voice is loyal and awaits our return. It wants us to come home.

How does it return? How do we find it? We start looking when we are able or willing to feel the pain of its separation. We call it home. We call ourselves home. The Voice will find ways of speaking to us. It may become a sign seen through pictures, movies, books, inner visions, meditations, angels, spirits—even TV personalities such as Oprah and Rosie. The Voice may choose to speak to us through our leaders, our enemies, our bodies, our feelings, and our reactions. Our craving for life makes us want the Voice to speak now on what is needed, and the point is to listen and believe.

How do we do this? We start opening to the softness of our hearts. We look inside and call to the Voice. We look for it and tell it we believe again. We do our work to return to our soul. We need to reconnect to it once again and feel the beauty of what we once knew ourselves to be. The Voice is inside our souls. It speaks to us through our minds, our senses, our feelings, our inner being, our natural knowing, our intuition and our hearts. We ask for help to sort out the ego from our inner being. This allows the Voice to be our friend, guide, and personal strength. It has a life to live with us. We must find our way to heal and to allow the Voice to be heard. Let us be brave and begin to heal. It is time to take a personal voyage and awaken to who we truly are in this gift called life. We are truly worth it.

Have a grand adventure!

With love,



Soul Awakenings

Sandra Harrick


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