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The best way to learn about Sandra's work is to hear from those she has helped. This rich and sincere outpouring of appreciation continues to inspire her in this work.

My dearest friend, Sandra, is internationally known for her abilities to facilitate profound healing as she talks to us from Spirit. Sandra's gift is that she can "see" your Soul and describe what she sees in an accurate and delightfully entertaining way! She sees what is already there, clearly, and that is why her readings are so powerful . . . you recognize that she is reading YOU! You will experience an exciting and safe journey in which Sandra reveals with perceptive accuracy your inner being and unique gifts. You will hear the words that shape your consciousness, releasing blocks that keep life from flowing, healing hurts so wounds may close and hearts open. You will experience silence, the state of being in which there is no stress. From here, all is understood as a Blessing of the Infinite. You will know what to do with each moment, each footstep to give your gift, which is your Heart to the world. There is no better time than NOW to awaken to your Soul with Sandra Harrick.

Susan Q Brown

"I'm not really sure why I am here," I told Sandy the first time I met her. I had been referred to her by a trusted friend and psychotherapist. My friend was highly intuitive as well as being a gifted astrologer. She knew my life's work would involve animals, particularly horses. She said to go and see Sandra Harrick because she does "something with horses" and see what comes of it. I was intrigued.

Well, what came of it was Sandy helped me "unwrap" my mummified/protected heart and to live my life more fully and consciously. I never even knew my heart was so wrapped in protective layers; I was unconscious! I saw myself as a very together, professional and successful businesswoman. What does heart have to do with that?!

Now I have sold my other business and am on my way to becoming an Equine Facilitated Psychotherapist! I could never have gotten where I am today without Sandy's intuitive, razor-sharp analysis of my wounded psyche. Now I can become who I was always meant to be rather than that harsh someone who I had become in order to survive a traumatic childhood.

Sandy cuts through the protective facades we create and gets right down to the issues that block us; she changes lives for the better. She works on many energy levels and has angels all about while the work is being conducted; she is a gifted, wonderful, loving woman who I am proud to call a friend and mentor.

With Love and Light,

Donna S. Clinton

Bozeman, MT

October, 2003

I saw an article about Sandy in the local paper, read it, thought about it, and put the paper on top of a pile in my office. Every week or so, my eyes would rest on that paper and I'd think about inquiring, but didn't. This went on for a few months until one day, I looked at the photo of Sandy with her two beautiful horses and something inside me said "EMAIL HER NOW!" I did, and I could not know how that one action would change my life.

I have a strong skeptic living in me and I was not sure what to expect from my sessions with Sandy. What I got was someone who is deeply compassionate, immensely perceptive, and surgically accurate at uncovering your most meticulously guarded issues. She did not waste time, and she brought things to light that absolutely floored me. Toward the end of our sessions, we laughed about how astonishingly different my outlook was compared to what it was on that first day.

I am here to tell you, working with Sandy changed my life in no uncertain terms. She is indescribably gifted at what she does. I am just incredulous at the healing that has taken place, and Sandy will never know how deeply grateful I am to her.

With huge respect,

Laurie MacMillan

New Hampshire

May, 2005

Here is a note with the biggest appreciation and gratitude for Saturday’s retreat. I loved every moment of the retreat and wouldn’t change anything. I felt is flowed perfectly and healing from start to finish. It was amazing to see so many other souls there looking to better ourselves. Yes, we all saw that we are at different levels, but at the core we were there to learn and have a great time! Just as a thought, I felt that we all mirrored each other in some way or another.

Sandy, my dearest Sandy. I don’t have enough words to express the heartfelt healing you helped provide through your wisdom, healing, laughter, and hugs. I enjoyed every minute of it. The gallery reading was very healing for me and surprised me to some degree since I really didn’t expect it. I know that it happened for a reason and am so glad that I was able to finally release (and heal) that piece of my fragmented soul that needed to be reclaimed.

This retreat is truly priceless and soul changing if you are willing to let yourself to experience all of it. As I shared in the beginning of the retreat, the last few weeks have been life altering and there has been a lot of synchronicity along the way. For me, it really is about exploring more so that I can continue to grow. Thank you for creating the space for us to do so. This sacred space was filled with love and felt very safe. I am so looking forward to the other future retreats that you hold. I definitely will be back for more and wish you many blessings!

With very much love from a happy heart,

Lilly Cosme


When I first began sessions with Sandy, I felt I was "fractured" and existing outside of my own heart. I hardly knew where to begin to get my life back on track, but I felt right away that I could trust Sandy completely. What I gained from every session showed me that I had been right to trust. My very life has been restored.

Dr. Joelle Wintsch, MD

Geneva, Switzerland

This woman is absolutely stunning. Coming from a medical family, I first approached Sandy with what I thought was a "healthy" skepticism. After observing her work with people and animals, I had to question my suspicion. Humans can be psychologically duped, but even I couldn't deny what was happening with animals.

I had slowly become more rigid and diminished over time. This had drained my life force until I was no more than a walking ghost of my potential. Through private sessions and group work, a vibrant, limitless world has opened to me. Sandy is the real thing.

Jeanne LaBeau

Ibaraki, Japan

Sandy's clarity and ability to hold a space of pure, unconditional love has facilitated closure for a number of troubled issues. I now feel in alignment with my emotions, intentions and purpose. Her ability to move beyond the ego is simply wonderful.

Lawrence VanDyke

Montana, USA

Sandy's amazing abilities allow her to see the meaning and truth of what needed to be healed for us. Her essence pierces through the issues that dim our vitality and hold blinders before our eyes. Our work with Sandy has continually provided a way for us to understand each other and be real with ourselves. Few people have had the impact upon our lives that Sandy has had.

Todd & Yvette Moore

(Perth, Australia)

I've know Sandy as a friend and a therapist for over 10 years. She is a truly gifted healer who expertly uses her strong grounding spirit and psychic abilities to guide and heal. She uses her warmth and humor to help others feel comfortable and I can truly say I've seen and felt the amazing affects of her work.


Sandy.  How to describe working with Sandy.  She has the most amazing capacity to assist you in destroying whatever is in your way.  Destroy is a serious and powerful word; so is Sandy.  Her unique combination of reverence, intensity, respect, strength, wisdom, insight, love, compassion, and ferociousness in assisting you to honor and balance your own light and shadow is something to experience.  The type of self-knowing and love she facilitates is life changing.  I value her straight forward, honest approach.  She will not mince words, but she is careful and delicate without fear of shooting straight to the heart of a matter.  Her way with words and energy have illuminated a type of truth I have always felt were possible but had not quite been in the presence of before.

I invite all souls searching to connect with this amazing and powerful women.  I see her as a wise woman, a sister, a teacher and a friend.  Oh, and the most fabulous laugh with a smile that sparkles.  Bring the tissues and embrace the moment.

Gina Pearce

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Sandra Harrick


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