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Soul Shifts

by Sandra Harrick

Time and space shifts our Soul in many directions bringing chance meetings, choices for change, and golden opportunities for the good, bad, or indifferent. Soul shifts can change everything; at times with a subtle sigh of relief or when a karmic blow knocks the wind out of us leaving us breathless. Soul shifts are surprises, cascading delights, bringing joy, love, companionship, and friendships; basking us in happiness to our heart’s content. These are the shifts where we feel included, desired and loved. These events celebrate life, allowing us to feel we belong, safe and alive in our lives. There are also heart-wrenching shifts that drench our very soul with adrenaline's sour sweat from fear; for we have been blindsided. Some shock has captured our lives in a stillness, and we are being shifted to an end of a time as we have known it; never allowing what we knew to return. In these moments our souls are tilted, shifted by the winds of change, altering our course in time and space, redirecting our spirit, from going there to being taken over here, always getting to where we are right now. Soul shifts move us forward, turn us around and at times pushes pause, but always bring us to what is next, ready or not.

As my mind drifts off, seeking to find soul shifts in my life to share, there’s an avalanche of memories tumbling down the mountain I have climbed, exposing reminiscent shifts, revealing when I was altered, when an event directed me toward my life with Spirit for instance, creating a shift where I could sense my Soul being moved.

Oh! Here is one. On a spring day six years ago when our baby white dove, Jake, landed on my arm for the first time, shifting my heart as his snow white wing fluttered softly across my skin. He brought me to a space of loving I could not have imagined before. It was simply breathtaking. Ah!

Here is another. It is when I am sitting in my first meditation circle waiting to experience psychic medium, Marci Sidel, channel. Never having had the experience before, I was overwhelmed and taken aback as the voice from a middle aged woman living in a conservative town in New England, shifted from an infectious, feminine, New York accent into the booming voice of a distinctly British man's formal manner of speaking. This is when I was introduced to the energy of Sir Charles whose conversation dazzled us with wit, wisdom, and charm until I heard him speak my name, shifting my attention into tension. Over the next three weeks he and I shifted my soul by transforming me into his channel and he becoming my Spirit Guide. This shift awakened lifetimes of us being spiritual soul mates, forever together one way or another. I was unable to comprehend then how our soul's shifting together would result in years of he and I sharing the honor of shifting lives, working as one in our soul sessions, creating, healing, and manifesting awakenings for those who seek and desire transformation in their lives.

Now, there are rapid visions, a non-stop home movie flickering behind my eyes, revealing meetings with special people who, in the wink of an eye, I felt an attraction to. Places where fuzzy, Deja vu like energy altered my sight, blurring it by some bazaar frequency shift, distorting time and place, truly giving me the experience, reminding me, I have been here before, or I will get there soon. Standing with someone in a mystical shift, creating alignments with magnetic forces, is powerful, for we are moved into karma, reactivating our lives to know each other again.

Now, I am aware that these mystical, magnetic forces of reality were soulful frictions, kick starting adventures to be had by continuing past lives, picking up where we left off, making our meetings destiny. But, please realize that hind sight is 20/20. One sees a lot when one reflects or looks back over time, or is given some insight, because we all see better with time. I certainly did not know or understand any of this soul shifting stuff with spirit in the beginning. I had no idea nor could I even imagine what possibly could happen because of friction. You know: yin/ yang, cause and effect, past life energy stuff or to put it mildly, destiny shifting into place. I was living my life like everyone else and yet, slowly but surely, I was shifted into a huge learning curve as I shifted into living my way and feeling alive in my life. My soul shifted time and time again discovering life and all it had to offer. Soul shifts create moments throughout life when Spirit shifts our conscience, revealing our path to be walked, right before our very eyes. Even if we do not see or understand it at the time, these are the very shifts required to have our life be soulful.

Oh! Let me not forget the red hot shifts that scorched my soul, dropping me to my knees, etching scars of the event into my young pink flesh as constant reminders to this day how fast and hard I went down. Getting back up can become a daily challenge. Sometimes soul shifts are seeing a road sign, an offer from spirit to pause, make a choice, slow down for a bit, and take a load off. Our next move depends on one's ability to see what the signs say or how long it takes to recover from the whiplash caused by the trauma of hitting the breaks just in the nick of time, avoiding a crash into the sign. This would be a good time for healing before moving on. Make sure we healed, embraced by grace and mercy, receiving soulful assistance from a helping hand, reaching out, encouraging us to get back up and be ready and able to go again. Also, there are shifts into surrender, time to get our bearings, adjusting our sights so we see something, be allowed time to figure it out, and feeling safe enough to move on.

Each moment is a soul shift one way or another. We are all one in this because we are being human as we learn how to be human beings. Soul shifts can be intense, in a split second, all is altered demanding us to alter with them, bringing us to our altars for prayer, requests of aid and knowledge, seeking insight, support, and to know we are not alone. We have grand events when the shifts of time celebrate pure love, achieving total fulfillment because we were shifted, at last allowing refreshing new air to breath, life is good again, because we believe and know dreams can and have come true. Soul shifts are a part of life's experience for better or worse, lessons and actions that create and manifest our stories to be told when the time is right for the telling. Amazingly enough we continue; we profoundly expand mind, body, and spirit as we are shifting into who we are, and by being shifted from there to here throughout time. These soul shifts are our sword being forged layer upon layer by our inner alchemist with the intelligence and ancient wisdom of a Samurai who by folding thousands and thousands of life time events one upon the other as we are strengthened to our very core, giving us the courage to be. Each layer is a brilliant ray of light, a meaningful marker forever to have as an instant reflection of what, where, and how we are being becoming who we are.

Soul shifts are grand explanations to share, exciting twists of fate to tell and teach with. I know there are shifts we hope to forever forget, bury deep in the crevasse of our psyche but these are the ones that need healing and tender care for they are from our shadow time, our shifts within the dark night of the soul. These can become the ones that fill our soul with pride and joy because we survived. We love to talk about our shifts, to remember the different ways we have been twisted and turned by life being lived. We like to keep them close to our hearts for the telling over and over again, bringing smiles and tears from life lived well. Within the shifting of the seasons, we are encouraged to continue and we do one way or other, for we are brave. Soul shifts gets us up and on our path reminding us of our humanness. Karmic shifts shape us whether we believe in it or not, no matter our choice of religion or politics. Our soul shifts because we are restless searchers seeking understanding, knowledge, love, and freedom.

Best of all, I love when souls power up with a passion to create change and kick ass, take on the task of transformation, and just get the job done by shifting from the negative to all sorts of positive possibilities there to shift into. I love how we shift in soulful ways when supporting someone who has been shifted by hard times, forces of nature, or when we rally for the underdog who is under the weight of being bullied. They are shifting their soul from soul bending pain. Soul, Spirit, Mind, and Body are our personal fire-blending all, we are for all we need. They need to be tended to, stoked, fed, and allow their heat to be there when needed, shifting it into our soulful selves. We are amazing souls living our lives graced by the shifts of time, shifting time, time and time again.

Thank you for soul shifting with me,

Sandra Harrick

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Soul Awakenings

Sandra Harrick


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