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The Healing Box

This is a story about the creation of a Healing Box — how it came to be, who embraced its concept and purpose, where it can be found, how to use it, and how it is touched with gentle hands offering unconditional love for the requests that are placed inside the Healing Box.

 can be found at Heart and Soul Herbs in downtown Bozeman, Montana. There is also one found at Chico Hot Springs Day Spa. Now let me tell you how it all started, and why it was created.

In October of 1999, I had a vision. It came to me in my quiet time between lying down and sleeping. I saw a box that had a glow. This glow reminded me of an angel's halo, soft with inner self-light. I am moved by the amazing influence angels have in creating hope, bringing a sense of deep caring and most importantly, pure love. To me, angels possess a quality of non-judgment that no other spiritual being holds.

I had just started to teach a healing class in my meditation room with women who were all professionals in alternative healing. There were eighteen of us when we started in October of 1999. Everyone was eager to enhance their quality of work, and broaden their healing gifts while deepening and refining their spiritual practice. Everyone came well trained in their field with backgrounds from all walks of life. Ages varied from mid 20's to late 50's. We became a strong circle of women who called on God's love and source of light to aid in healing the energy fields that brought pain, ailment, and life's troubles. It was magical to feel the quality of spirit in our circle. Our hands arched energy, touching us deeply. Our meditations were filled with journeys basked with color and dripped in multidimensional brilliance. Everyone had hoped that their clients could feel what they were feeling, and experience what was happening in their hearts each time we met. Miracles seemed to be happening. Changes were affecting our lives, and touching our hearts. God's love filled the room with angels when we prayed and held hands to end each evenings of work. We were beautiful in this spirit of growth and awakening of soul.

These circles go back a ways for me so let me tell you about them. I was ordained in 1976 as a Reverend of Metaphysics. Spirit, soul, and the adventure of karma had become my path and purpose. I believed my whole life that I belonged to God and was meant to do God's work. Being raised Catholic made this a challenge because I couldn't be a priest and I knew I wasn't going into the nunnery. I was far too human and life was something I lived. In the 70's I became interested in developing my mind's ability to be in touch with the spirit world. This is profound to me because the New Age came, giving me an opportunity to practice my natural faith in God, Nature, Energy, and phenomena. I learned of intention with my mind, affirmations, meditation, energies in the body, auras, charkas, working with color, the collective unconscious, and the power of hands on healing. My personal journey changed forever. Discovering the spirit world was healing. Exploring modality was mind expanding. I knew there was more to God, prayer, healing, and life because I felt it. Who are we? This sentence became my passion. It is why this magazine is written. Why we seek healers, and the answer we look for when we need to feel our existence.


At this time, a Healing Box

The Healing Box created itself. It showed me that It needed to take a form that can be touched. I was stirred by the Box calling to me at the end of each gathering. Since 1972 when I first started doing circles each circle was concluded with this dedication, "I dedicate this circle to the healing light, Christ's light, God's energy, white light and love. We invite all who need to be with us now to come to the center of our circle. Let us too be in the center of our circle to receive healing". Then we would be silent, visualize the people and their ailments, asking God and the angels to create change and answer prayers. This was the time to embrace our needs. Things that were not mentioned or could not be discussed were held quietly with just a person's name to be mentioned. Everything and everyone was put in the circle as an invisible substance that has life and form. What was brought to this healing light were our parents, children, grandparents, extended family, animals, and loved ones. We send energy, compassion, and love from our hearts and traveling through our hands to the Healing Box as an offering to aid situations that seem too large a hurdle or too deep a cavern for one to be with alone. We stand invisible next to them as they cry, hearing tears melt into pillows, praying with them. We merged honorably into this angelic aura increasing electrical wattage, creating supportive currents, colorful waves, healing light, pure energy and touch. And so it continues today. In each circle The Healing Box sits at our center as we dedicate the energy to the healing light. In the silence that follows, something happens.

All of these groups are made up of people searching their inner spirit, releasing blocks that keep life from flowing, healing hurts so wounds may close and hearts open. Learning how to be more of who they are. This is an opportunity to speak deeply between ourselves about profound issues in our lives. To be heard and listened to, held when tears come. To be given space, allowing anger to be expressed, innocence to be shared, and ripened wisdom exchanged. We are humans sitting on a floor opening doors so light may find a way into our doubts and fears, troubles, and know we are not alone. The Healing Box has claimed a physical body, and now has a life of its own. One rests in Heart and Soul Herbs, a store created by Susan King to share the powerful medicinal qualities of herbs. Another is cared for at Chico Hot Springs Day Spa while a third Healing Box has been sent by Barbara Paritian to a friend in Maui.

Heart and Soul Herbs became a place of discovery. A melting pot for people who were seeking natural remedies, aromatherapy, or ancient ways of healing. The Healing Box became a beacon of hope, a physical place where burdens could be left, hope asked for, a joining in prayer begun. People will come in quietly to look or ask for the Box. Some are talkative. Others private. All have a need.

Heart and Soul Herbs is now owned by Nada Dayhoff. She is expanding the store with her personality, and has created sacred space on a table in the herb section where the Box awaits all who have need of this joining in spirit, energy, prayer, God's love, and angelic voices.

The keeper of the box is Tammy Westergaard. She has taken on the duty of lighting a seven-day candle of color each week to stand at the side of the Box along with an angel Debbie Irwin has donated to spread its wings over the box offering unconditional love. Tammy brings the Healing Box to circle every Monday and Friday night. David Taylor, owner of Chico Hot Springs Day Spa, brings another Healing Box to Men's Circle on Wednesdays. Science has now proven what religion and faith have always known. The power of prayer and conscious energy enhance the power of love, making miracles happen.

These Boxes of Healing have a life all their own, and have been present in every circle, lecture, or workshop I conducted from Connecticut to California. In the Rocky Mountains of Northern New Mexico, across the Atlantic landing in Switzerland being filled by voices speaking in French, German, and Italian. Filled with the glowing light of Paris, sculpted in Italy, yodeled on the peaks of the snow-covered Alps. Guided way down under and caressed with New Zealand's softest lambs wool. Trekked up Canada's way settling in the foothills of British Columbia. Popped off to England surrounded with sparkling enchantments of Oxford's Botanical Garden, Ireland's leprechauns, Fairies in the glens of the Isle of Mann, and touched on its corners with a sword by Scotland's Kilt covered highlands and castles.

The Healing Box is well traveled, well spoken, and in its worldliness has held more than its size would ever allow one to imagine or comprehend. This box is modest and confidential. All requests are held in deep respect. This Box is non-dogmatic, and holds a place for all who wish to tenderly place their hearts' needs into it. There are no responses needed from one's journey with The Healing Box. There are none given. There is neither money involved nor promises made. We offer love and hope and an extra touch to any who ask. We give and let God. We are human and the human spirit is awesome when we join together as one, if only for a moment by laying hands on a box to quicken life's will and need to be well. You can call or stop by at Heart and Soul Herbs or Chico Hot Springs Day Spa. The boxes are emptied randomly in a quiet ceremony to make space for what comes next.

We welcome all with love,

The Healing Box

Consider making one for your community!

We offer love and hope and an extra touch to any who ask.

Send your confidential requests to The Healing Box:


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