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Awakenings! A Soul Connection

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Where do we go when we need that soul connection - when everything negative from our past and in our present is keeping us from finding the next phase of our lives?

Sandra Harrick of Awakenings! helps clients to deal with old injuries - both of the mind and of the body - that keep them from expanding their potential. She helps clients to awaken their souls.

“Sandra listens attentively when I speak and then digs a little deeper,” says client Nancy Clingan. “She helped me to let go of some old, negative beliefs.”

Harrick makes soul connections wherever she goes. She lectures all over the world, performs weddings (she is an ordained minister of metaphysics), and has clients as far away as Geneva, Switzerland. Harrick also works with past lives and the supernatural.

Most recently, she received a call from a woman whose horse was not acting quite like himself. He seemed unsettled in the barn - pacing back and forth, even standing up on his two hind legs to look over his stall. When Harrick entered the barn, she saw right off the bat what the problem was. With Harrick’s psychic ability to see spirits, she was able to see the spirit of a little girl standing in the corner. Harrick proceeded to pray with the woman and then bless her property and the barn, and the horse is spooked no more.

“You have to be respectful of spirits,” says Harrick. “All they are asking for is the assistance to get home.”

Client Susan Hoyland says, “Working with Sandra, for me, is all about feelings, all about waking up to the wonders of life, and all about rediscovering the abundance and miracles that life offers every moment of every day. Through her gift, she helps to awaken that part of me - of all of us - that long ago went to sleep. The part that was numbed through all of life’s trials and tribulations. That part that remembers joy and wonder, and that is grateful for every moment of every day. Sandra helps to close the gap for me between the spiritual walk and the Earth walk.”

“She is not judgmental, and is very easy to talk to, and intuitive,” says one couple who have seen Sandra, both one-on-one and as a couple, for the past six months. “We are always moved by our experiences with her.”

Harrick also plans to start a men’s group and a women’s group on self-awareness and self-realization. “Groups give you collective thinking and that opens the door to new thinking, new options and new breath,” says Sandra.

Harrick is known, not just for her innate ability to touch and heal the souls of people, but of animals as well. She offers horse clinics, and has plans in the works for a tour around the US. Her Arabian horses, Silver and Razzle, are a big part of her work in helping people to communicate with their own horses.

“We can expand our potential through the Way of the Horse.” Harrick works with other 4-legged creatures as well as horses. “They (animals) have a lot of heart and a lot of soul,” says Harrick, with one of her heartwarming smiles.


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